Real Estate Investment Management


At IDS, Real Estate Investment Management concentrates on meeting the precise needs of each real estate investor.    A research-based model allows us to be responsive to market dynamics while leading project oversight.


Our role across practices is to set strategies that minimize operational costs while maximizing revenue. This process may involve many options — improving various real estate functions, rationalizing excessive capital commitments, or unlocking unrealized potential in underutilized property. A key to our success has been the stability we have enjoyed, not only within IDS but also with the financial community.


Using these strategies, seasoned senior asset managers oversee project level teams.  With market attuned discipline, we help real estate investors mitigate risk and take maximum advantage of real estate opportunities. By pulling together varied alternatives, we can quantify and assess potential outcomes.


As an adjunct to real estate investment management, IDS offers highly effective financing services. We continue to enjoy long-term relationships across a wide network of financial resources – pension funds, banks, private equity, and insurance companies. By accessing these affiliations, we ensure solutions are cost appropriate and effectively delivered.