Landlord Services


We appreciate the difficulty, time, and expense involved in attracting tenants.  As a result, IDS’s core property management services focus on a primary objective – tenant retention.


Once an initial lease is earned, all efforts are directed at ensuring it is for the long term. To this end, proprietary IDS property management checklists, plans, budgets, inspections, audits, and surveys focus on tenant retention.


As an IREM Accredited Management Organization, best practices we have cultivated are applied to all properties in the portfolio and, as an ancillary benefit to our clients, result in the lowest insurance loss ratios and premium rates in the industry.


The measure of success is clearly evident – a management portfolio of over 35 million square feet and over 1,000 tenants, occupancy exceeds 95%.

As a development manager, IDS Real Estate Group has the extensive interdisciplinary and leadership skill sets necessary to produce significant value.


With a unique understanding of tenant needs based on our mangement portfolio complimented by long-term and intimate local market knowledge, IDS always designs real estate projects most appropriate for their sub-markets, tenants, equity, and lenders.


By leveraging long-standing local relationships and thorough understanding of regional communities and land-use politics and procedures, IDS managers expertly guide projects through entitlement and permitting.  When market-responsive design schematics are complete, in-house construction managers consult with architects, engineers, and general contractors to create detailed budgets and schedules.  This process ensures that clients and partners have precise, practical, and realistic budgets and implementation plans.


Finally, IDS professionals bring projects to completion – on time and within budget.

Since understanding your customer is the first rule of marketing, it is also the prime driver of our targeted marketing programs.


IDS marketing programs are informed by daily interactions with over 1,000 tenants.  As a result, we anticipate prospective tenant and buyer needs to create marketing programs that highlight compelling project features using cutting edge tools such as virtual reality tours.  Of equal importance, we evaluate the most effective aspects of marketing programs and implement these best practices across the entire management portfolio.


For market research and lead generation, IDS partners with the strongest individual brokers in each market, including those at national firms as well as local boutiques.  In structuring and documenting leases and sales, IDS managers have an unparalleled sense of urgency, understanding of how to maximize value, and attention to detail.  This ensures our clients and partners receive the best market terms and conditions from the most credible tenants and buyers.

Over decades of hands-on experience, IDS construction managers have directed more than $2 billion in ground-up commercial construction, and annually manage more than $75 million in tenant improvements and renovations.


IDS construction managers begin their work at project conception to assure only the most cost effective elements make it into schematic and design development documents.  Once this is accomplished, using state-of-the-art budgeting and scheduling tools, they then incorporate valuable input from engineers, consultants and general contractors into the creation of construction documents.  This process assures a project’s budget and its final cost are aligned.


IDS manages every step of construction; from site evaluation to plan creation; from contract negotiations to competitive bidding; and finally, from daily construction oversight to close-out.   Our sharp aim is always to bring projects in on time and within budget.