Tenant Services


IDS Tenant Services assists organizations that consider real estate a need that supports production — not as an investment.  Whether for manufacturers, distributors, technology companies, banks, professional service firms, retailers, or non-profits, our goal is to have real estate operations and transactions seamlessly advance a client’s strategic objectives.


IDS’s experience servicing real estate owners creates a deep reservoir of know-how on which to draw.  IDS Tenant Services tailors this expertise specifically for owner-users and tenants.  These outsource arrangements offer key advantages compared to self-operation where real estate is not, nor should be, an organization’s core competency.


This holistic approach is also differentiated by the quality of our analyses.  We concentrate our support on shaping insights to our client’s specific decision-making environment.  Use of proprietary analytical tools and models allows IDS Tenant Services to make recommendations based on empirical factors such as demographic data, transportation costs, and financing alternatives.  We investigate all opportunities and identify all contingencies in order to recommend appropriate real estate decisions.  Prior to the execution of any plan, a detailed re-examination of all strategic objectives is undertaken to confirm it truly advances these aims.


Once plan implementation begins, IDS Tenant Services creates and offers a proprietary website enabling owner-users and tenants to monitor and track it in real time. Security is assured as the degree of access is customized according to employee responsibility and authorization levels.


Our tenant services include transaction management, facilities management, financing, development and construction management.  As an owner’s representative, IDS’s expertise can be leveraged to complement a client’s in-house capacity.  This commitment to coordinating all potential resources ensures streamlined management and its success has established the long-term relationships we enjoy today.