Our ESG Strategy


At IDS we view ESG as an integral component of our company philosophy and operations. Rather than a singular event, ESG is a continually evolving process, and the positive environmental and social impacts help us to create long-term value for each investment we make and asset we manage.


As a vertically integrated real estate company, we’ve built our investment management business, and our reputation, by attracting and retaining world-class tenants. At the same time, our core services business is keenly focused on tenant retention for the benefit of our clients.

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Green Building

Energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable building practices are key components of the services we offer clients. Understanding the footprint of our portfolio and the underlying data is critical to our measure, manage, and monitor approach to resource management. At the foundation of this approach is data collection. We track energy, water, carbon and waste data, compile investment-quality reports, comply with benchmarking ordinances, identify improvement opportunities throughout the portfolio and submit to GRESB. This data is critical to optimizing our assets, allowing us to outperform our competitors and ensure strong tenant attraction and retention. We Install appropriate technologies to minimize energy usage, GHG emissions including LED lighting, modern HVAC systems, building management systems and other technologies as appropriate. Our properties utilize water efficiency measures such as drought resistant landscaping and efficient irrigation systems.

IDS recognizes that environmental, social, and governance improvements go hand-in-hand at both the asset and corporate level. IDS is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to maintain a diverse corporate culture, celebrating and promoting equality across gender, socioeconomic backgrounds, education, and ethnicity. This allows for better representation of different viewpoints, historical perspectives and encourages fresh, new ideas to circulate at all levels of the company.


Just as tenants are at the core of our business strategy, we believe our employees are our most valuable resource. To preserve and improve the lives of our employees, we offer a variety of programs to promote health, wellness, training and education.


1RACE truly demonstrates our commitment to improving our communities. 1RACE is an impact oriented, commercial real estate services firm that invests in assets located in underserved communities. 1Race was founded and is supported by IDS principals.

We seek to lead by example. Transparency and accountability are incorporated into all aspects of our operations. We demonstrate our progress by disclosing materially important performance metrics to GRESB- the global real estate sustainability benchmark and through the process receive objective verification of our ESG program.